Basic Site  


website design

Using only the wonderful tools provided by Squarespace we can create a prototype within 14 days for free!  After that you can decide what you want to do with it.
It comes with 3 months free site maintance, and from them it is only $19.99/month.

Advanced Websitefrom $899

website design

Complete custom design, with absolutely mind-blowing user interface and user experience, crowned with great visual effects by our fantastic artists. All those things and many more, built on Squarespace technology so it will be much easier for you to take it from now on without any unnecessary additional maintenance.
Unless you want us to run it.

INDEPTHresarch from $500

software design

You want to help your business by improving software workflow? Don’t know where to start? Customization or Configuration? Contact us and we will help you with everything! Our team will analyse your business, how the everyday work looks like, and what the digital future might bring.
The final report will include, among others new workflow concept, what software is best suited for the task, stage plan for the future and of course where to start. All of that and many more presented in a simple and easy to understand way. Try us and your business will change for the better!.



Combine everything we can provide! Don’t limit yourself! Together we can bring your business to a completely new level. Be the best version of your company!


Email: roduq@roduq.com