Creating brands that stand the test of time

Image of your company is a crucial aspect in this day and age. You need to know how to present yourself every step of the way. There is no golden solution to gain a lot of recognition. Branding, and especially online portion of it, is a complicated process that requires a lot of experience, knowledge and constant analytical touch with today's trends.

One thing is how you think your brand should be perceived and the other is how it will really be received by your target audience. The strategy to achieve your goals in that matter should always be built by doing a detailed cross section of your company's environment. Starting from your field of work and ending with the target audience. You can find a lot of guides online that try to simplify this processes to basic steps, but without that in-depth research it won’t bring the results that everyone hopes to get.

Beneath you will find few examples of branding elements we proudly provide. For more, feel free to contact us, and we will help you find those crucial factors that will built a strong brand that will surly stand out among the rest.



Below are examples of what can we do with your brand to get the best out of it and to bring people together


logo design

Team of fantastic and crafty artist work closely with a whole other group of specialists to create a perfect, visually aesthetic representation of your brand.



Search engine Optimization is vital for your online visibility. With our knowledge of the internet as a technical spectrum combined with psychological analysis of the target audience we can smoothly steer the traffic directly to you.


online presence

Choosing the right path to connect with your audience can be difficult. We can take it fully out of your hands or do the research on how you could improve in those matters, presented in an easy to understand way.


Organic branding

There is nothing worse on the web when it comes to branding than a try-hard attitude or any generic styled campaign. We can help you avoid it and present your brand in a smooth, organic way.

in depth research

Whether you have already a branding strategy laid out or you just need some help in the understanding the basics we are here to help you. We dive into every field with the same intensity to get the best results possible.

ad campaign

The diversity of our team and the connections we built together is what gives as a true advantage in the ad game. Our campaigns are simple, direct and stand out among all others. We know how to do it in today’s digital world.

Organic Branding

Organic branding is a very important, yet not well-known, aspect of online portion of branding. It refers to one of the basics of the internet social environment – any type of advertisement needs to be as effortless in reception as possible. Because there is nothing worse on the web when it comes to branding than a try-hard attitude or any generic styled campaign.

With that in mind the amount of sponsored content on sites, blogs and any other type of organic branding outputs, sky-rocketed in the last few years. But then again, when done incorrectly they can backfire with a really unpleasant opinion of the company or the product later on. To avoid it is necessary to understand the environment of your target or core audience. An in-depth research needs to be done, and it needs to be constantly updated, because there is nothing stable on the internet.

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Those plants you see are a perfect representation of what organic branding means. Each and every one as a general element are the same – they are plants. But each one originates in from different  environment and each needs different approach every step of the way. The same is with connecting with your audience. You need to know exactly with what consistency you can post or remind about your brand to not to overdo it. Figuring the best time to post on social media is not only based on the sites algorithms but also on the interest it gains from your core audience. Using influencers is a powerful move in today’s digital reality, but it must be supported with a thorough check, because giving this task to the wrong person can be deadly. And going with a person with the biggest audience isn’t always the best way to go.

We can go on and on about this, but to sum it all up, if you understand your brand, your audience and if you will be constantly in touch with the changing dynamics of the internet social scope there is a much higher possibility to achieve your goals and create a truly organic, easy to receive branding.


The team we have developed tales great pride in the way they work. Those amazing results are acquired by performing a truly in-depth research no matter how big is the task nor what field does it touch. It is their goal to give you everything at top-level.

When we talk about detailed research it is not only a dive into web statics, it is also for example a work on a psychological profile of the target audience to fit perfectly with your brand. To achieve that, we work closely with group of psychologists from Poland. With their knowledge we can even predict what type of color pallet should be used on a post or an ad at various times of the day. This also help to create a line of product that stands among the rest in a very organic way which as we stated before is one of the number one rules when it comes to digital branding.

Influencers are individuals who thank to their online popularity/fame/recognition have the power to affect/direct/make decision or ideological views of their audience. You need to remember that in today’s online media world everyone can be one, no matter which what is his specialization. With that in mind and the power of the internet you can get huge brand recognition or product advertisement with one click away. There are influencers with audience in millions that read their every post, see every snap or photo on Instagram. But if you think it’s just that simple to just go with the most known one you are mistaken.

It is crucial to know which one can get you the most. The research here is crucial. First of all you need to remember to be as organic as possible. Those influencers that are only doing it for the ad's money can create only a temporary hype with your brand. And a lot of them are as far from organic branding as possible. Going with the best one can not only be cheaper, but internet have seen that when it is done correctly even the big names can get on the fame train and promote your product free of charge. Going with a perfectly suited influencer in an organic branding environment can get you so much recognition that it is certainly worth the risk.

We work with a lot of them, all around the world. We have contact with the big names but also, with the ones that in our mind have the most influence in their field. Going with Roduq you can be certain that not only you will be match with the ones that are perfectly suited to your needs but the whole branding of your product/company will be done in an organic environment, giving you a smooth step in online or even world-wide recognition.
Custom Design

Visual representation of a brand is a key figure in today’s society. Our, as humans, decision whether we will go with a product is often done in seconds and is more and more based on visual and aesthetic likability.

Here in Roduq we not only can design you a perfectly suited logo for your brand but also we can make every little detailed fitted to the image you would like to present. Our team of talented artists are ready to go. As Roduq takes great care to communication between departments and consultants our design products are not only built on purely aesthetic aspects but also on a psychological reception and how easy it is to associate to the field it represents.

Going with us you get the full package. No other company puts so much effort into those little details which separates good products with great ones.