We believe that people full of passion and rich backgrounds are the heart and soul of a successful, 21st century business model. That's why we seek employees that stand out among the others in those terms. In our minds your education is a nice addition, not a requirement. If you for example became a self taught programer, web designer or even a woodworker we think you have what it takes to be a part of this team. As those types of people we know what it takes to pursue your hobbies, passions and interests and take them to the next level.

So dear fellow reader, don't hesitate and contact us and in no time we could be working on something special here in RODUQ!

We want to provide you not only friendly and kind environment but also a place where you can thrive and be passionate about each day. No mather what would you be doing in RODUQ, your ideas and opinions are eaquly important to us.

You, dear future employee, are the builder and designer of this company and it is our duty to be there of you and to grant you a place where you are able to be the most creative version of your self. Only then we can provide our clients with that x-factor that distinguish RODUQ among others out there.


Open Position — Junior Software Designer

We seek a person who knows the basic of designing apps using C# and knows his/hers way around Visual Basic. Having background in other engineering fields, for example steel or concrete constructions are highly welcome but every rich experiences will do just find.

Contact us for more informations.


  • Intermediate knowledge in C# and Visual Basic

  • High Excel skills

  • English on C1 level (other languages are welcome)

  • Understanding the principles of autodesk products: Autocad, Revit, Robot, Advance Steel

Open Position — Junior Web Designer

We are looking for someone who stands out in terms of sense of style and who have the ability to distinguish different needs for different purposes. We work with all sorts of clients and it is important for us to provide them a team who will try and find themselves in their shoes to create a website they truely desire. Don’t worry if you don’t know any website designing language, it is not required in this case. We will provide you a course in own personal system and for that you only need basic computer skills and a will to learn.

Contact us for more informations.


  • Any knowledge in CSS would be in plus

  • Feel of style and understanding the basics behind creating and choosing colour palettes

  • Creative mindset

  • Communicative and positive work style

  • Ability to find yourself in other's shoes