Guiding you to safe haven.

Software world is bigger than ever and has no intention of stopping. You can literally get every program imaginable, and even if somehow it does not exist yet, it can be made in a short period of time. For an everyday user or a thriving business it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. There are so many aspects to consider that even if you think you have gone the right path, the potholes will appear from nowhere making it unusable. But don’t worry, our team of specialist are here to help you. We will make sure your final choice will bring you as many benefits as possible.

Our team is not only represented by very talented IT technicians, but also by specialists from different fields we closely collaborate with. Their knowledge is crucial in understanding the needs and also the future of those fields. Combining that with the in depth research and analysis on your business’s day-to-day workflow we can prepare a report that will make this difficult task a walk in the park. Focus on other important things, leave this one to us.



Below are examples of what can we help you with. If you don't see the thing you were looking for, don't worry, just contact us, and we will try our best to help you anyway we can.


We will take a look on your day-to-day work, so we can match the proper software and it’s capabilities. It will feel like it was designed solely for you and your business.


For us it does not matter what field you represent. We believe that every one can benefit from work digitalization that’s why we collaborate with fine specialist around the work, bringing you the necessary insight on what path to choose.



Our great relations with software producers gives us possibilities when it comes to knowing all the in’s and out’s of programs as well as gaining better price estimates or knowing the future path of their products.



Our Guidance Report will bring you the full cost analysis of every digital path you want to take. It contains software prices as well as eventual equipment upgrades or staff training.


The most important thing to know when trying to figure out what path to take is to know what benefits will the future bring. Going with Roduq you are all covered. We will prepare a detailed analysis on how your business can thrive with the modern digitalization as well as eventual risk it may carry.

in depth research

We dive into every field with the same intensity to get the best results possible. We want you to feel as every stone was turned and nothing was left unanswered.

Vast Choice

Today’s companies have to face an enormous range of available software. Each of them works in a very specific way, have a different information flow and ways of sharing files. It’s hard to see the picture while inside the frame. Looking at a long-term perspective, you will have to take into account how the software will prosper in the future, keeping in mind that technology changes extremely fast. Be wise and let us help you to choose something that will not become outdated too fast in the upcoming years.

With the vast experience of our company from many different backgrounds, we truly understand on how this first step is crucial for introducing your business to the digital world. It is a harsh environment in which to get the best results you need to be constantly up to date with tech trend as well as future standards. For a common business it can be more than overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Our in-depth researches are 100% unbiased. We want to help you get the best value for your dime. With the vast choice we will make sure to find you the best possible software for your needs.

Different tools

Different tools have a clearly defined purpose and range of action. You will very rarely encounter versatile software. It’s up to us to create a software environment for you, combining appropriate tools and synchronizing their features. We respect your time, and we will go to the bitter end to keep you from entering data over and over again. Unburdened employees will empower the team with additional energy to act.

Suited for you

We insist on high standards while interviewing our clients, researching their needs and discovering the way they prosper. Synchronizing every single process is what you will achieve with us. We provide trials so that you can try it out and make a decision based on how it really works in practice. Go for only what suits you the most. Don’t waste time on half-measures. Business is all about time.