We adjust
the digital world
to your every need
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What do we do?


Adjusting Software

With your personal needs in mind we can adjust your software in a way that will seem as it is created solely for you.

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Designing Websites

Using powerful tools provided by Squarespace we can design a beautiful, innovative and easily editable website that will meet your desires.

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Branding in The Digital World

In the increasingly digital world we can help you distinguish your brands image. From creating designer logos to digital advertising and finding your place on the social media. We do it all.

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Helping You Choose

Our team will dive into a deep and unbiased research to find the most suitable software for your business.

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We are here to help you achieve your dreams

We know how overwhelming it can all be that's why our main goal is to be there for you and your business and guide you through this vastly growing digital environment

See the topics below to understand how everything is changing and check if you are really keeping up with them



Everyone is welcome.

We here in RODUQ praise every business professions and adapt to their needs. With our diverse team of specialists and their rich backgrounds we are able to provide vast resources of knowledge in various aspects.

Every client is very special to us and is treated with equal engagement. We do everything we can to seek the necessary tools. We are not afraid to ask. We want to give you the digital treatment you and your business deserve.